Friday, December 16, 2011

3A1 Christmas Party


D boyz

D grlz (SNSD)

'whip my hair'



My professors/instructors - Sir Dayag (MS), Sir Bagayao (Finman), Sir Yuri (Comp)

"We found love in a hopeless place." -Ianne (haha!)

I know that this post is just so amazingly late; I hope you guys don't mind:)
Actually, I have plans of quitting and saying goodbye to the blogosphere. *cry
I don't want to, of course...but my studies need to be prioritized. It's just that we have a long weekend right now that's why I am able to make a post again. I just can't let this event not be posted in my blog. Sooo why not update? :) Anyhow, I promise to try my best to visit or update my blog as often as I could. So expect some lame and short posts in the future. sry gys =l

Saturday, December 10, 2011

O Plus K

I'm K. And who's the O? It's Chaaaaad! So who's Chad? :) 

Chad is one of my Obsysss..and he just celebrated his birthday last December 2. So...yes... we did a little unsurprising surprise for him. :) Since it is our tradition to prepare a surprise party for every member who celebrates his/her birthday, Chad, of course, expected us to do the same. But our plan is to make him disappointed first by telling him we ain't got a party for him. Oooohh. :( He even said, "Bibili muna ako 7/11 para mapaghandaan nyo ung surprise nyo sakin." Hahah:)) But when he went back, he saw no signs of surprise balloons or anything. When we were eating, he was like "Uuwi ako agad, magpipintura pa ako ng gate namin e." And his face, so disappointed, so dull, full of grudge (kidding!) and every time he smiles (half-heartedly), it was like the gravity's pulling it down at maximum force. After we eat, we already showed him our surprise~HOTDOGS! Two pillow hotdogs, and different hotdog-shaped balloons! When he saw all of it, his face turned from sunset to sunrise, from black and white to colored! Anyhow, why hotdogs? During those times, he just love to talk about the hotdog ni Aljur commercial, the beginning of an epic story. So just below is also an epic shot! It's the second time that we are all there in the photo. DOSE. :)


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

World of Fun (AMV Week)

NOVEMBER 11. Our college, AMV College of Accountancy, just celebrated it's seventh birthday last last last week. Forgive me. :) The celebration was for three days but I decided to blog just the day of the parade since I wasn't able to come to other events because of the sole reason of preparing for the most awaited parade of all time. HAHA:)) So..let's let the photos continue the story. :)
Dana and Lisette - 'Avatar'
MEN IN BLACK. I am so excited when I found out that my section got the movie MIB. It's kinda hard to think about alien costumes, the agents' guns and the details but the hardest part was to devote our scarce time in this.We really did a lot to come up into what you are seeing right now. Unfortunately, we didn't win. I think what was wrong in our design was that we focused more on details, and not on the whole. Nevertheless, for me, it wasn't at all a wasted time and effort. But was something worth to be proud of. Something worth blogging for. :) I love you 3A1. <3


They were supposed to be dinosaurs. :P
My crush! <3 HAHA:))


THE SMURFS. 3A3 got the first freakin' place for the Most Awesome Section who's able to get their assigned movie in the realm of reality! They really deserve their spot. And what makes me more giddy was that my Obs Shayne, Pio, Lily, Joy and Joven belong to that section. So so proud of you Obsys! :'>

cute ni Shayne!
Unic, Shayne. Donna, Dana
Avotor! :))
AVATAR. 3A2's breath-taking Avatar theme made the whole crowd amazed. They really pumped up the AMV Pride! Moose friends Ian, Inna, Juvy, Gillian, Kosette, Dana, and Lisette belongs to that OSM section.

My sister's section 3A9. Look at Aslan! He's so cuuuuuute!
Aslan and My oh-so-sexy sistaar!
For the first tiiiiiimeeeee in Obs' history! Kumpleto kami dito:)

It's my Unic's birthday last November 8 so Obs planned to celebrate it after the parade. Joy (Unic) got an eat-all-you-can treat for us at the Chef de Angelo! Yum yum! The photo just above was her holding our surprise gift! We're happy that we made her kilig! :'> After that, we went to World of Fun where we got 1400+ tickets! As in, nag-adik kme! HAHA:)) With the tickets, every one of us got a 'friendship' ring and a cute pen for a remembrance! After the fun, I went back to my dorm, packed my things, and hurried to my home, Olongapo! :)
Kulz and Dana :)


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Arigato Gozaimasu.

November 10. Another reason to thank God. A recognition for the dean's listers of AY 2010-2011 was held at the Medicine Auditorium last Thursday. Last year it was held at the Multi-purpose hall of our college building, a place not so bongga like the Med Audi... so I made it sure that my parents will go with me at the stage THIS TIME. :'>

Me, Mama, Papa, and our college Regent

I'm so proud of us Moose!
Regent, Dean Minerva, and the 4th-placer of the CPA board examination last year (not so sure) Haha:)
My Obsy Donna!
Tin, Inna, Gizelle, Kosette, Dan and Juvy (My Moose friends!)

Bhebhegurl's parents


She deserve to appear here in my post. Ahem. Ladies and gents, Miss Azis, the first among the list of 3rdyr DLs. :)
Pizzzzza. :)
Happy that I made him proud again. Love you Papa!


Friday, November 11, 2011


Late post. Before I forgot everything about last sembreak, I just wanna have a separate post for our jumpshots when Bevs, Liezel and Noriel went here in Olongapo last October 26,27, and 28! It may look like it's been a few weeks but you can find it just below this post. Haha:) Soo, just below are our jumpshots taken before we went to Ocean View. :)

Siya na ang mataas tumalon! :))
Kaye: Look at them, they really thought they can fly! HAHAHA:)))
Kaye: Ma-try nga! :))

The following photos were taken outside my cousin's house.
Redey 1-2-3!

This photo is just so cool! Though it was a fail jumpshot, I can say that the timing was still perfect because of Manong driver! The tricycle was really moving when the photo was taken and all I remember was he saying, "Oy, sali rin ako" and it turned out he actually did. Nice one Manong! And nice one for my Mother too. She's the one behind this cool shot! :)
Another fail js @ Treetop Adventure
Noriel FTW! At Boardwalk, Subic
Outside Puregold
At Ocean View Beach Resort
Below are the photos taken when we went to Ocean View on their first day here. I wasn't able to put it on my post here because they were not yet uploaded by bevs during the time I was making the post. So apparently, the photos below belongs to her. Thank you Bevs for letting me grab your photos! =)